Athlete and CEO Tyrone Ross Jr. often says, “Legacy is greater than résumé.”1

Ross frequently shares pictures of his nieces and nephews with this saying, noting the work he does and the success he has is all to lay a path for the next generation to do something big within his company and the financial services profession.

While, like many workers, you’ve put in time to build your impressive résumé, have you put that same time into building your legacy?

We have Labor Day because of the legacy of union workers who wanted all workers to have better working conditions, time to have something to eat during the day, vacation days and many other benefits we have today.

Today, we enjoy two-day weekends. Many workers enjoy paid time off. We enjoy eight-hour workdays. We benefit from safe working conditions.

This Labor Day, remember to celebrate and thank those who have left us legacies to enjoy.

If you’re interested in leaving a legacy for the generations coming up behind you, we are more than happy to help.