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Your Team

At Research Financial Strategies, we have assembled a team of highly qualified investment professionals focused on the preservation and growth of our clients’ assets. We all share a bond with the communities where we live, as well as a belief in the power of hard work and discipline over time. That is how we have grown our business and how we continue to guide the wealth of our clients.

We are dedicated to helping you protect and manage your assets, prepare for retirement and life’s events, and develop a legacy that benefits your loved ones and future generations. As your financial partner, we listen and respond to your needs using clear, simple language. We offer personal service, seek to develop innovative strategies, and pledge to lead you with great care along the path to pursuing your goals.

John F. Reutemann, Jr.

Founder & CEO / Financial and Wealth Advisor

Valerie Alexander, CPA

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Jim Streight, Chief Marketing Officer

Jim Streight

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Lee

Branch Operations Manager

Brian King

Investment Advisor Representative

Lance Yurich

Investment Advisor Representative

Richard K. Scott, CPA

Investment Advisor Representative

David Stein

Investment Advisor Representative
In Memoriam

Carlton Gay, CWS

Certified Wealth Strategist
In Memoriam

Dinah Lidia

Branch Operations Manager

Michael Bushman

Client Service Associate