The stock market reacted unfavorably on Wednesday as Republicans made modest gains in U.S. midterm elections but Democrats performed better than expected, as control of the Senate hinged on three races that were still too close to call.  Also, Georgia’s senate seat winner will not be decided until the December 6th runoff election as neither candidate gained more than 50% of the votes. 

But as of today, Thursday, the world is a better place in the eyes of Wall Street traders as the market is in the midst of a huge rally.  This may be the start of a traditional post-midterms rally as signs of cooling inflation emerge. Now that Tuesday’s election is over, and inflation looks to be heading in the right direction, strategists say the time could be right for a rally. But there is also the risk that the rally could be derailed by another hot inflation report or other factors, like a cryptocurrency meltdown. Thursday’s CPI report breaks a string of inflation surprising to the upside. The DOW jumped an impressive 1,140 points as of mid-afternoon. 

The links below show a broad based fear of the potential for a near to mid term economic slowdown across all important sectors in the US and the world. Only time will tell if today’s rally is here to stay.





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Thousands of tech workers were laid off last week. Experts say it’s just the beginning.

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