Research Financial Strategies is a private wealth management firm that was established in 1991 to provide fee based investment advice.  We are a Registered Investment Advisor  with the Securities Exchange Commission.  RFS specializes in providing financial advice using a proprietary investment methodology that leverages technical analysis to identify and protect our clients against stock market risk.

Research Financial Strategies provides families, individuals and foundations with an alternative to institutionalized and impersonalized money management. A privately-owned, independent, and financially secure firm, Research Financial Strategies pursues without conflict the greatest potential in each client’s wealth.

Currently Research Financial Strategies has over 400 Million under management serving clients in 45 states. Jack Reutemann, CEO & Founder, is well known nationally as a speaker and money management expert and is a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, and other local and national media.  In the financial services industry, Jack is highly regarded as the co-founder and co-instructor of “No More Pies” (, a 2 day course on teaching technical analysis & risk management to other advisors worldwide.


With an “education first” approach, Research Financial Strategies ensures that our clients understand how their money is being invested, and we guide the development of financial plans that help them achieve their goals for personal wealth and retirement security.


Individuals & Families

Before any investments are made we will spend the time to
understanding your investment needs and educate you
on our investment process.

Corporations & Non-profits

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Research Financial Strategies manages the assets of corporations, family offices & non-profits. Here are a list of some of the ways in which we can serve your organization:

  • Corporate Retirement Plan (401K & Profit Sharing)
  • Non-Profit & Association Retirement Plans (403B / 457)
  • Endowments (Corporate & Non-Profit)
  • Corporate Treasuries- Short & Long Term Cash

As your financial advisor, Research Financial Strategies will consult with your organization to understand its’ needs and create a plan that meets your objectives. Ongoing monitoring and superior performance reporting to ensure the goals of your organization are being met through actively managing the assets within the plan.

Almost 400 Million Under Management

Clients in 45 States

NoMorePies Attendees

News & Updates

Weekly Market Commentary – September 24, 2018

Did you hear the news? A tech company introduced a microwave you can turn on using Wi-Fi – as long as you have one of the company’s voice assistants at home, reported Kaitlyn Tiffany of Vox. Soon, the voice assistants will be built with neural networks...

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Don’t Be Deceived By Mutual Funds

Best Mutual Funds? Since the bull market run started 9 years ago, how many mutual funds would you guess outperformed the stock market? If you are thinking 500, 200 or even 20, you are very wrong.  In fact, not one single mutual fund has beaten the market...

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The Longest Bull Market In History

Human beings are obsessed with setting records. The fastest. The strongest. The first. The longest. It’s exciting whenever a new record gets set. It makes us feel like we’re witnesses to something important, something historic. Something we can tell our...

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Weekly Market Commentary – September 17, 2018

All investors are consumers, but not all consumers are investors. The September installment of University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment Survey reported Americans are feeling pretty optimistic. Consumer sentiment rose to the second highest level since...

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For over 25 years, Research Financial Strategies has been serving families and businesses as their investment advisor.
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