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The breadth of experience within our practice enables us to serve individuals and families who are just starting out as well as those who have achieved a ultra-high net worth. We also specialize in providing advice to small and medium size business owners.

– Jack Reutemann, CEO & Founder

At Research Financial Strategies, our success depends upon a detailed understanding of the needs of each of our clients.  The foundation of our strategy is an in-depth discovery process, allowing us the ability to best understand your concerns, goals and values.  It is recognized that your financial future represents a significant emotional investment, but we also know that it is critical to manage that future with process and logic rather than emotional reactions.  Our team will create a detailed plan custom-made to your unique situation. Research Financial Strategies proprietary methodology that leverages technical analysis means we can avoid the pitfalls of institutionalized money management—and focus instead on achieving real returns for each client.

When you’re choosing a investment advisor, you need to be sure they’ll listen to your requirements and support you in achieving your objectives.  With Research Financial Strategies, you can be confident that together, we will develop a relationship on your terms.

Of course, we can’t predict the future of capital markets, but we can assure you that a future with Research Financial Strategies will be a guided partnership based on respect, investment expertise and action in your best interest. We pledge to always provide astute and objective guidance based on rational experience and a disciplined process rather than reacting to the noise of the Wall Street media machine.

That objectivity and discipline further extends to the way we manage our business:

  • We ensure independent oversight of your assets by holding all client accounts at third-party custodians
  • We are a fiduciary, bound by law to put your best interests above all else.
  • Our fees are based on assets under management, hence, our interests are aligned with yours.

The heart of what we do lies in helping our clients achieve their goals and obtain the peace of mind that a successful financial plan provides.

As one of our clients, you will receive a performance report from Research Financial Strategies that gives you a detailed picture of how your financial plan is progressing. Your investments will be held in safekeeping by Schwab,  an independent third-party custodian, who will also send you financial statements ensuring that your assets are held securely. We will review your situation regularly and will work with you to adjust your plan as your life changes. At a minimum we need to meet with you annually to review your circumstances and adjust your plan to fit your evolving circumstances.

Are you ready to get started on a more secure financial future? Contact us today to see how Research Financial Strategies can help you on a path to achieve your life goals.

We Listen. We Plan. We Build.



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