Dear Friends,

Recently, I have been reading about a sharp increase in auto break-ins in my neighborhood and in several around me. As the COVID-19 variant surges back to levels last seen in March 2020, you can expect to see a rise in crime.

Car thieves now have a device called a “repeater.” Depending on the distance from your car to the place in your house where you keep your car keys, they can use the repeater to communicate with your auto fob and unlock your auto. If you can stand in your kitchen and unlock your car by pointing the fob through a window, they can do the opposite with the repeater and intercept the signal.

When my wife and I read posts about break-ins on our local Neighborhood Next Door website, we were surprised to read that car owners often leave purses, wallets, briefcases, laptops, and money in their cars overnight. If thieves can get into your car, they can and will help themselves to your belongings. They will also steal your EZ pass and your garage door openers, which might give them access to your house.

We all need to be more diligent as our country struggles with this new variant of the virus and its associated new crime wave.  

Please take this seriously and do whatever is necessary to protect you and your property.