We are still on a “technical buy” – meaning we are staying in the markets.  Please view the chart below.  Green is good, red is bad, and we have a 45 degree trend line in play.  Notice that today we have recovered the 50 day moving average, this is a good sign as it indicates a positive movement in the market. The farthest, right hand side green bar, crossing thru the thick Fuchsia line. Even though CV19 is still a major problem, and unemployment claims have gone up again this morning, many believe the worst may be behind us.  Everyone has an opinion.  Either way, the market is liking the prospects for a recovery, and partial state-by-state openings.  Also, unless the deal falls apart at the last minute, another $425 billion small business stimulus package should pass the House today, having already passed the Senate. 

I’m trying to not overload you with info, but just hit the high points.

As before, call me if you have any investment questions!!! ​

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